BJC Membership Database

New member registration

This membership allows you to attend Judo sessions and, to enter BJC Gradings, Courses, and Competitions and is valid for 12 Months.

Select your current grade if you have one, but please be aware it will be checked.
If you are new to Judo, please select '6th Kyu: No tabs'.

I understand and agree that the information I have entered upon this form is true and correct in relation to my application for membership of the British Judo Council for myself (if over 16) or my son/daughter (if application is in respect of a person below the age of 16).

I understand and agree that the information I have provided upon this form will be entered onto a computer database and used for the purpose of managing the membership of the applicant and in order to maintain contact with me in order to keep me informed about the BJC. I understand that the BJC is registered with the ICO in relation to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2016 & the Data Protection Act 2018.

I understand that if my application is successful, I will receive in due course a BJC licence that will entitle me to take part in any BJC events (eg. courses, competitions and social events) and to train at any club affiliated to the BJC. This licence remains the property of the BJC and is held on trust to be returned to the BJC upon demand.

I understand agree that a passport style picture may be taken of the member for the purpose of uploading to theBJC database the purpose of which is to confirm identity upon attendance at the various events that the BJC put on from time to time eg. Gradings, Competitions, Courses.